CRAMS (Contract Research and Manufacturing Services)

We have rapidly evolved into a fully integrated Indian pharmaceutical Company  with its presence in all five clusters of CRAMS, branded generics, regulated generics, NDDS (Novel Drug Delivery Systems) and NCEs (New Chemical Entities). Leveraging our world-class R&D base, we have taken up Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) as a discrete initiative and advanced, especially in the areas related to new drug products, NDDS and NCEs.
Anwita flexible to work client- comfort models of Business to undertake a wide range of projects on a ‘FTE’ or ‘fee for service’ basis.

Pre-formulations and Incompatibility studies

Anwita will give extensive and detailed study report on incompatibility for drug substance with excipinets and packing materials.

Formulation Development and CRAMS
Tablets :

Immediate Release Tablets

Effervescent Tablets

Dispersible Tablets

Mouth Dissolving Tablets

Chewable Tablets

Sublingual  Tablets

Bi-layered ( IR+SR / SR+MR) Tablets

Sustained Release (SR) Tablets

Delayed Release (DR) Tablets

Extended Release (ER) Tablets

Controlled Release Tablets

Gastro Resistance (GR) Tablets

Timed Release (TR) Tablets

MUPs tablets (DR and ER pellets compressed into tablets)

Targeted Drug Delivery Tablets 

All types of Coated  Tablets

Capsules :

Hard gelatin Capsules filled with powder, pellets, mini tablets and combinations.

Soft-gelatin Capsules with variation active ingredients

Pellets  and Taste mask Granules:

Micro pellets (MUPS) suitable for Tablets

Regular pellets suitable for Capsules, Sachets

Pellets with different release profile (SR, CR, MR, DR, ER, GR, TR)  

Taste masking technology for powder and Granules suitable for Tablets, Sachets and Suspension

Liquid orals :

Suspension for local and systemic action.

Emulsion and Nano emulsion for improved bioavailability.

Solutions and syrups for Pediatric formulations.

Taste masking liquid orals

Semi-solids :

Ointments , Creams, Gels, etc   for Topic application

Injectable :

Liquid Injectable with solution stability and patent  issues

Anti-cancer Injectable


Contraceptive Injectable

Lyophilized Injectable

Expertise in 505b2 Injectable formulation development.

Regulatory requirements of sterile dosage forms, area qualification, filter validation, QbD based PDR and scale up.